Launch group menu

15 people or more

Available between 12 - 3 pm

Soup with bread    1250,-

 BBQ pulled pork naan 1900,-
with pepper mayo, baked with cheese and served with salad

Cheeseburger 2200,-
With hamburger sauce, lettuce and french fries

Fish and chips 2200,-
with salad and honey mustard sauce

Chicken salad 2500,-
with pesto, fresh salad and honey-mustard sauce  
- can be made VEGAN without any extra cost.

Two and three course meals

12 people or more

Two course meal
Chefs special


Two course meal I:
Soup of the house with homemade bread
Baked chickenbreast with sweet potatoes, salad and feta cheese


Two course meal II
Bruchetta muchroom and bacon
Grilled lamb with muchroom sauce


Two course meal III
Hraunsnefs pork with muchroom sauce
warm apple cake with whipped cream


Three course meal
Chefs special


Three course meal I:
Salad with homemade parmaham and feta cheese
Citrus salmon with carrotmayo
Ice-cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream


Three course meal II:
Pesto shrimps on salad 
Grilled lamb with blueberry-cheese and anis sauce
Chocolate mousse with saltcaramel sauce and whipped cream


 Three course meal III:
Shellfish soup with homemade bread
Beef with pepper sauce
Chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream


Coffee/te and small chocolate is incluted with the two and three course meal menu's. 

 *Baked vegetables and potatoes comes with the meals 

*The group offer only applies when all group members have the same menu.

*Group offer rate is only applicable when the biil is paid with single payment.

*Payment must be made in accordance with the amount of people quoteed by group.
  (Reservations cannot be changed on the day of arrival.)

*In case of absences on short notice, 50% of the quoted price will be charged.

*If member of your group has any dietary restrictions, the hotel must be notified in advance.

*Orders will be prepared as pr. your requested time. if your group happens to be delayed for any reason, the hotel must be notified in due time so that the necessary arrangements can be made by our kitchen staff.

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